Organizational Overview

Universal Consciousness creates unique opportunities for cross-cultural understanding and exchange.  We recognize that diversity exists in multiple dimensions.  The more diverse the audience that we can bring together, the better we can achieve our goals.

Our programs include a resource library, community outreach and a roundtable for unifying leaders.  We also present a venue for a wide range of Lectures, Seminars, Holistic Events and Sacred Playshops, from various traditions, for a broad audience to experience and "feel" together.  We believe that this approach fosters inclusiveness at an essential level.

The heart and soul of Universal Consciousness creates an open, honest and sincere environment of inclusiveness.  In pursuit of our mission, we will present existing programs, while also welcoming the thoughts and ideas of the various individuals and groups who embrace that mission.

Universal Consciousness deepens existing relationships and invites new individuals and groups to collaborate with us in developing new and innovative programming.  We will continue to evolve and ensure our staff, board, volunteers and partners represent and respect the perspectives, ideas, values and contributions of Universal Consciousness.