The Alignment Center

The Alignment Center is a multi-level teaching, healing and resource center.  This inclusive program hosts a wide range of Lectures, Seminars, Holistic and Metaphysical Events and Sacred Playshops from various traditions.

Here you can experience diverse ideas from a variety of facilitators and begin to understand the oneness of our human family.  Discovering your own path is often a process of inner healing, which is expanded through the safe sharing of ideas.  This program is designed to unite all paths by giving a voice to each one that desires to share in participate in our mission. We are all teachers and learners alike.

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The Principles of the Alignment Center are:

Journey Within
Journey Within is an exploration that expands awareness and helps you start the process of discovering and defining your purpose.  This confident step forward is the beginning place for sharing with people of various traditions.

Transform - Transcend
These programs further enlighten on the interconnectedness of all that exists.  We explore and "feel" the impact our energy and our choices have on the world.  We align with a heart-centered consciousness that has room for differing ideas and beliefs.  Through aligning our consciousness with our heart we join in the radiance of a kind and sacred love for all.

When we join together intending to promote harmony in our consciousness and harmony in the world, we are capable of experiencing oneness.  This program will not teach you to believe or not to believe anything.  Instead, it will help you to experience the energy of our interconnectedness through Universal means such as music, dance and meditation.  The pure being-ness of this program promotes inner peace, healthy dialogue (inner and outer) and improves the quality of life.